Sample local studies

The Masbate Gold Project is located on the island of Masbate 350 kilometers south of Manila. This remote location is 70 kilometers via rough road from Masbate City with no fixed line communication, Internet or cell network coverage. The project required a reliable and efficient network for I.T., voice, and data services that met FRC’s requirements and able to progress from feasibility to production in a rugged environment.
Imaginet has worked with FRC since their involvement with the project began in 2004. Initial requirements were basic remote communications for 5 users. It was crucial to FRC that any systems implemented allowed for seamless expansion to accommodate the predicted growth of the FRC's presence at the mine site, the regional headquarters in Makati City, Manila and Head office in Perth.
With a 3-Man on site team, plus one in Makati and the 24*7 Help Desk, Imaginet manages FRC’s PC, Server & Communications network comprising over 150 user secure network (multiple site, remote location) for data and voice, leased line link plus 'last mile' wireless from Makati City to site using copper, microwave and wireless, secure VOIP between Philippines sites and internationally using SIP, messaging, File and Database servers for email and industry specific applications including automated backup and recovery and Wi-Fi bridging of 10 buildings on site to central office for data, voice and video.[1]