Sample Background of the study


            The Mabini Academy of Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines, was founded as a non-stock, non-profit corporation on June 10, 1922 by Professor Randall A. Rowley, Dean Francisco Benitez, Mrs. Paz M. Benitez, Dr. Jose M. Katigbak, Mrs. Tarcila M. Katigbak, and Miss Emilia Malabanan. It opened on June 12, 1922 with an enrolment of more than one hundred students, two first year classes and one second year class. In June, 1923, a third year class was added, and in June, 1924, the complete high school course was given. On March 25, 1925, it received government recognition. It continued functioning as a secondary school, giving the complete general course (day) until December 9, 1941, when all schools closed because of the Second World War. It remained closed during the Japanese occupation. It reopened in June, 1945 and has been functioning ever since.
Before the war, the school occupied a large three-storey building with a library and laboratories. That building was burned, the apparatus and library was looted and burned during the war. By March, 1947, the library had been replenished and the laboratories equipped. In that same year the school transferred to its present site.