Sample "the variables and intrument used"


            The proponents used the Cisco Packet Tracer and conducted an interview with Mr. Michael Ilao, the IT staff of TMA, and used some related questions to get the needed information for the study. It is used to begin analyzing the weaknesses and strengths of the existing network.
We inter viewed Sir Michael Ilao and here is the questionnaire:

Question: How many computers do they have?
Answer: They have three computers Laboratory. The two of the labs have fifty-one computers each and the third laboratory have thirty-four computers and three other computer server with the total number of one hundred thirty-nine.

Question: What kind of topology is used?
Answer: They are currently using Bus topology.

Question: What kind of switches do they use and have in their network?
Answer: They have two switches per lab in their network. They use Dlink switches with twenty-eight ports.

Question: What is your ISP?
Answer: They use My Globe DSL as their internet service provider.